Hello Mini Cooper

October 2, 2022

Finaly arrive

Mini Cooper S R53

The dream that one day i will have Mini R53 go long time back to 2004! When i was still living in my home town Tolmin in Slovenia. With my good Friend KavsMotorsport which was my first touch with Mini and since then i was having in head always that one day i will have car like this.


And here is comes 2019 when i purchase my Mini second hand from 2. owner and it was my, 2002 (preFacelift) and pure mini with 1.6 Supercharger engine and 163hp completely original and story can begin….


When i purchase car i know that for 20years old car need many things to do, also on engine and also on the suspension. This was main reason that i was focus on chassis that is not damage and not rusty. In first two years i did change suspension and did some upgrades already on engine and more about this follow on my car channel on youtube….. SebasiteDailyDrive

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